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Learn to give a life time Gift to children......Learn to teach them Yoga.

Yoga Teacher training offered on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, and Melbourne.


AYK Foundation - 3 Levels of Teacher Training

Angel Yoga 4 Kids Teacher Training is comprehensive, covering yoga for children from the ages of 2 to 16, in all environments as well as for those children with special needs.  AYK TT is sutable for any professional wishing to bring yoga into their work with kids.


  • LEVEL 1 is ideal for yoga teachers, school teachers, parents, grandparents and professionals working with children. It focusses on teaching yoga to early childhood children and an introduction to yoga for primary school aged children through to teenagers.   Level 1 also covers how to cater for different learning styles and preparing yoga sessions.     
  • LEVEL 2 focusses on teaching yoga classes to children under the age of 12. It covers many aspects of teaching yoga to primary aged children including teaching in the classroom, music therapy, many yoga postures, partner work, yoga games, yoga art, detailed class structuring, preparing workshops and much more.
  • LEVEL 3 is for those intending to teach yoga classes to teenagers, families and special needs. Training includes mantras, advanced yoga poses, yoga nidra for teenagers, chakra balancing, yoga for special needs, mudra, mantra and chanting, yoga dance and much more.

CPD points for Yoga Australia members on all 3 levels.

AYK Certification Training
Pre requisite  -  AYK Foundation Program.
Speciality Modules
Credit Hours: 40

Each participant is required to complete 4 Specialty Modules. Each module is 8 class hours with at-home practice of 2 hours for a total of 10 hours.
It is highly recommended that Foundation Program AYK 1-3 is taken before the modules, although depending on practical and study experience some students may begin with modules. Completion of Foundation Program will still be required to attain full Certification.

Completion of Foundation Program will still be required to attain full Certification. Details on SPECIALITY MODULES click here.

CPD points for Yoga Australia members on all 3 levels and Speciality Modules . For more information or bookings, contact Angel Yoga 4 Kids founder and director, Dani Reidy at: admin@angelyoga4kids.com.au or phone 0412 564 757.

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