Teachers & Educators

Learn to bring the Gift of YOGA & MEDITATION to children you work

with.....Learn to teach them Yoga.




We understand not everyone wants to become an accredited Kids Yoga teacher so Angel Yoga 4 Kids Adults & Children offer special Educator Workshops for those working with children and wanting to provide calming, healing and physical exercise’s to benefit their children with focus, clarity and overall wellbeing.



Each workshop is 3 hours long and will give you skills, ideas, class plans and techniques in kids yoga to use throughout your day and week.

AYKAF can come to your school, centre or workplace and facilitate the training for a group or staff.

Cost is $140 per workshop per person.

$120 per person for groups of 10 or more.

$100 per person for 20 or more.

Workshops we teach:

  1. Teaching Yoga to Teeny Weeny Kids. (Early Childhood 1 - 5) Learn animal yoga poses, short yoga stories, yoga songs, yoga dance, yoga fun, yoga quiet time.
  2. Teaching Yoga to Primary aged Kids. (6 - 12) Learn beneficial yoga poses, breathing techniques and affirmations for improved concentration, confidence, respect and performance. Mantras, relaxation techniques and simple meditation.
  3. Teaching Yoga to Teens (13 - 16) Learn yoga poses to help teens with posture, mental health and overall well being. Breathing techniques to help control emotions, develop intuition, affirmations, mantras, visualisation, deep yoga rest, mediation, relaxation, mindfulness.
  4. Teaching Yoga in the classroom (5 - 12) Learn yoga techniques for different times of the day to encourage your student to be their best in the classroom. Yoga for lack of concentration, tiredness, over activity, negative attitudes, posture, relaxation at the desk and short meditations.

Presentation dates of Educator workshops in our Fortitude Valley Studio (Unit 4, Level 1, 301 Water ST Fortitude Valley  4006)

  1. Teaching Yoga to Teeny Weeny Kids. (Early Childhood 1 - 5)   8 June  2014
  2. Teaching Yoga to Primary aged Kids. (6 - 12)    13 July 2014
  3. Teaching Yoga to Teens (13 - 16)    24 August 2014
  4. Teaching Yoga in the classroom (5 - 12)    5 October 2014