Speciality modules

Speciality Modules
Credit Hours: 32

  • Each participant is required to complete 4 Specialty Modules.
  • Each module is 6 class hours with at-home practice of 2 hours for a total of 8hours.
  • It is highly recommended that Foundation Program AYK 1-3 is taken before the modules, although depending on training, experience and circumstances some students may begin with modules and complete Foundation training later.

Module 1 (Level 4)

  • Anatomy & Physiology relating to Kids & Teens yoga - 4 hours
  • Ethical Behaviour, Business Development,  2 hours   Workshop Themes & Plans   2 hours

Cost: $275

Module 2 (Level 5)

  • Yoga Philosophy for Kids 2 hours
  • Yoga Dance for kids 2 - 8 years  1 hour
  • Class themes, all ages 1 hours
  • Family Yoga Class Plans 2 hours

Cost: $275

Module 3 (Level 6)

  • Yoga Dance & Vinyasa for Teens 2 hours
  • Holiday Workshop Themes & Plans 1 hours
  • Yoga Philosophy for Tweens & Teens 2 hours
  • Yoga Business 1 hours

Cost: $275

Module 4 (Level 7)
Special Needs, 6 hours
Cost: $275


AYK Practical Program (Level 8)
Credit Hours: 25
All students are required to finish their training with an internship. You are required to attend classes and workshops with a AYK Yoga Teacher:

6 hours observing,of which 4 (if physically possible), with AYK Yoga Teacher, the other 2 with professionally trained kids yoga teacher in your area.
You are required to help prepare, facilitate classes for all ages from 2 - 15 and communicate with parents of kids attending classes. 19 hours of teaching, of which 6 (if physically possible),  with AYK Yoga Teacher and at least 13 as a lead teacher.
Record of Observing and Teacher hours to be kept, witnessed and submitted.
Cost: $225

Home Assignments
Home assignments will be issued after each workshop which all students are required to complete and submit, by email before attending the next workshop.
Course materials: Detailed manuals on level 1 - 3, work sheets for specialised modules, Children’s Yoga CD and some tools to get started are included in full course costs. ie AYK TT Prep course and AYK Certification Course. Additional materials you will be expected to purchase are yoga music, yoga cards, game tools, listening tools and specific yoga books, which can be purchased from the shop.

Checklist for Completion:

  • AYK Foundation Program level 1-3 (35 Hours)
  • 4 x 8 hour Specialty Modules (32Hours)
  • At-Home Mentorship Program (25 Hours)
  • Home assignments

Total: 92 Hours

Certification Awarded
Once completed, the status of RCFYT (Registered Children Family Yoga Teacher) with AYKAF is awarded and you will be listed on our website as a Qualified and Registered Kid Yoga Teacher. You can also apply to be registered with Yoga Alliance and Yoga Australia as RCYT as our course meets industry requirements. If you are a registered Yoga Australia member you can apply to receive CDP (Continuing Development Points) with YA.

AYK reserves the right to change the date of workshops. Also to cancel workshops that do not have more than 8 people booked. Course material also may change due to industry standard requirements.


  • Foundation Course $1145
  • Certification Modules $1325
  • Total fee $2470

10% discount for payment up front for foundation and certification course. Discounted fee $2247

You can work to your own timetable and pay as you go. Payment plans can be arranged through direct debit:

  • Deposit of $250 to secure your place in the full course
  • Monthly payments of $ for 10 months.

(Please note the payment plan is $143 dollars extra to cover administration fees)

All fees are tax deductable