Special Workshops in the Workplace

yoga-in-workplaceAYKAF workplace workshops offer various topics to be covered over a 2 - 3 hour period pending time and budget allowances. You can choose one of our effective workshops or we can tailor one for the needs of your staff.

Back & Neck Care Workshop
Includes a simple introduction to the anatomy of the back and neck to help you understand why and how tension build's up.  
In this workshop staff will learn:

  • asanas to relieve muscle tension and tightness
  • asanas to improve flexibility in the hips, shoulders and back
  • strengthening asanas to support the spine and neck
  • posture and alignment improvement while sitting at a desk, standing and walking
  • relaxation techniques to help reduce metal stress

People with chronic or acute back and/or neck injuries need to consult and produce a consent form from their doctor before participating in this workshop.

Wellbeing Workshop
Taking yoga off the mat this workshop focusses on lifestyle. We will look at yogic diet, ways to recognise stress triggers and diffuse them,  dealing with anxiety and depression without medication. Routines to incorporate at home and work to help you find joy and enthusiasm in your life. Techniques to develop a lasting positive attitude, improve self esteem and compassion for self and all sentient beings.

Learn to Relax, Meditate & Visualise for Greater Creativity
The diverse benefits from meditation have been well documented. Learning to clear the mind, slow the breath and be still opens a door to imagination.
Techniques learn't in this workshop include mudra, mantra, chanting, meditation both closed and open eyed and mandala to inspire creativity.

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