School Class

Hi Dani

Dani Reidy began working with a trial group of students at Aspley Special School for six weeks in late 2008. Some of our students were initially not able to perform all of the moves, or even 10% of any given move, yet would willingly “give it a go”, such was the power of Dani’s quiet, gentle, encouraging manner. The improvement shown in co-ordination, concentration, flexibility and temperament was impressive. Yoga with Dani has now become a popular and very beneficial addition to our weekly sports programme. Alison Hawe Yoga co-ordinator, Special Needs Teacher

Hi Dani,

Sorry it's taken me a few days to get back to you but the feedback is all good. Bella absolutely loved it & I quote..."It was excellent! Can't wait till next week. Wish it wasn't only on Mondays." You have to be happy with that! I know I am. Francine was lovely, great with Belle & gave me lots of feedback too so I'm just rapt. Bella used the relaxation technique & imagery of the "Worry Tree" (she really liked that, said her mind was clear after putting all her worries on the tree) to help her get to sleep- fantastic! Thank you so much Dani. Here's to a long & happy association with yoga. Cheers!

Nat Jones, St Anthony’s student