LEVEL 2, 28 & 29 MARCH 2015, LEVEL 3, 9, & 10 MAY 2015

Practical Experience

AYK Practical Program
Credit Hours: 27

All students are required to finish their training with an internship. You are required to attend classes and workshops with a AYK Yoga Teacher. 6 hours observing,of which 4 (if physically possible), with AYK Yoga Teacher the other 2 with Professionally trained kids yoga teacher in your area.
You are required to help prepare, facilitate classes for all ages from 2 - 15 and communicate with parents of kids attending classes. 21 hours of teaching, of which 6 (if physically possible),  with AYK Yoga Teacher and at least 13 as a lead teacher.
Record of Observing and Teacher hours to be kept, witnessed and submitted
Fee: $225