LEVEL 2, 28 & 29 MARCH 2015, LEVEL 3, 9, & 10 MAY 2015

Family Yoga

Yoga for Families

Yoga for families is becoming increasingly popular.  This ancient practice has found its way into the lives of many people as and individual practice and also as a group activity.  One of them is family Yoga. Family yoga is a playful way to practice, connect and bond a family, encouraging physical fitness, improved breathing and techniques to calm, improving communication between the family, learning sustainable philosophies to support, help and nurture each other through life. You will learn to do group and partner asanas, simple routines for morning and evening, learn to use the breath to induce harmony, calm and clarity, play yoga games and generally have fun. It is a great activity that all the family will feel an increased sense of wellbeing and can practice at home together. Everyone will experience the benefits on many levels.
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