Corporate Yoga

Desk Yoga @ Work
Give your staff the secret of staying energised and productive all day.  Desk yoga by AYKAF will provide skills and tools for stress free, tension free, healthy bodies in the workplace.  The class can be customised to your employees needs or we can present our effective, successful program suitable for 'EVERY BODY' no matter what limitations they may think they have!

Our program will help:

  • Improve posture
  • Strengthen core stability
  • Release tension through neck & shoulders
  • Improve flexibility

Employees will receive:

  • New skills to manage stress and anxiety levels
  • A card for their desk with material learnt in program
  • Affirmation list for those difficult days

After completing our Desk Yoga Program your staff will eagerly look forward to participating in a full yoga class involving seated and standing asanas to strengthen the body and release stress, pranayama for grounding and mindfulness, mantras for clarity and creativity and yoga philosophy for understanding and acceptance.

Yoga @ Work
AYKAF Yoga @ work program runs for 10 weeks delivering a 1 hour class on the mat, to help staff develop a healthy body and attitude. The classes combine relaxation, yoga asanas, partner work for bonding, pranayama, meditation and learn simple yoga philosophies and healthy lifestyle choices. Over the 10 week program staff will build strength in body and mind, develop better coping skills, improve their health and find joy contributing to a happy, positive workplace. Yoga and Meditation will improve your health and quality of life. Productivity will improve and absentees will reduce.
Can be before work, during lunchtime or after work.